Cookie statement

Cookies are text files stored on your PC by many websites as a way of telling the site if you have been there before and accessing information such as any preferences you stored or previous orders you have placed. This website does store cookies on your PC to maintain your session information and to allow the use of the on-line application facility.

Cookies are a requirement in order to store information such as the course(s) you have chosen. This website uses the following cookies:

BALANCEID: Apache uses this cookie to create a sticky load balance with 3 backend servers.

__utma /__utmb / __utmc / __utmz: These cookies are used by Google analytics to create tracking results.

cookie-agreed-en: This cookie is set when you visit the website for the first time to remember if the cookie message has been displayed yet.

has_js: This cookie is used by Drupal (website’s content management system) to record whether the user has Javascript enabled. This cookie is used by livezilla, the live chat facility on the site to save user related details along with user id.

ASP.NET_Sessionid: ASP.NET issues a cookie called ASP.NET_SessionId. This cookie contains the user's session ID and the cookie will expire at the end of the session (when you close your browser). This cookie does not store personal data about you.